JFC Concrete Pumps

Environmental sustainability is key for JFC Concrete Pumps, we made the decision to switch our diesel supplier to Green Fuels and their environmentally friendly Biogold diesel fuel.

We think it is important for businesses to do their bit for the environment. Green Fuels and their Biogold biodiesel product offered us a cost effective way to demonstrate our commitment to the environment. Green Fuels also supplied us a tank for both of our yards which made it easier for our team to refuel their trucks. We also like to support locals!

Our Environmental Plan:

JFC Pumps Ltd is committed to protecting the environment through it’s employees and work practices. To achieve this JFC Pumps Ltd will:

  • Accurately report and record specific environmental incidents.
  • Actively promote employee involvement in environmental matters.
  • Confirm to the relevant acts of legislation and codes of practice.
  • Provide information, supervision and training when required.
  • Insist that environmentally safe work methods are used at all times.
  • Actively monitor our waste.

We have in place a number of processes to reduce our impact on the environments, these include:

Environmental Risk Controls Frequency
Site Concrete Waste/Excess
  • Excess Concrete is pumped back into Concrete trucks for removal from site
Per site
Wash out water run off
  • Wash out is limited to an approved zone on site
  • Diversion bunds are used to divert wash out away from Stormwater / water system drains
Per Site
Spills – Plant Refilling
  • No equipment refuelling or bulk lubricant containers will be stored on site; fuel will be delivered to site when needed.
  • Equipment will be refuelled as far away from water supplies as practicable in one designated place.
Per Site
  • All vehicles are well maintained.
  • Regular Inspections.
Per Site
  • Disposed of in an approved landfill.
  • Recycled when possible.
  • Bio Diesel is used for all plant

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